Lesson 2: Know the Instax mini 9

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Know the Camera. Before we start snapping away we must get know the buttons and features of our Instax Mini 9. Taking the time to know your Camera is one of the way to be prepared at capturing those fleeting moments on Camera, you don’t want to miss the shot of a lifetime because you forgot where the shutter button was, or forgot where the Power button was.

The Front of the Camera is fairly simple, The Power buttons is located below the lens barrel, simply push it to pop the lens out and the Camera is on. The Shutter Button is located just below the Viewfinder, convenient for taking selfies and easily accessible when you are the one taking the picture. The viewfinder is relatively small, think of it as “At least the mini 9 has a viewfinder.” and is better than “Why couldn’t they just put a viewfinder” attitude.

The Built in Flash and Light Sensor are situated near the shutter button. The light sensor and flash is prone to being blocked by your hands when you are taking the picture so to make it a habit of holding the camera properly. The Selfie Mirror is conveniently placed besides the lens.


The Lens barrel also houses the exposure settings ring, you twist the ring corresponding to what the Camera determines as the aperture to correctly expose the film. Keep in mind that the exposure may change depending on shooting conditions so be mindful of your exposure settings.

The Rear of the Camera is home to three very important indicators that you have to keep in mind at all time. First is the flash recharge light, the Camera takes a couple of seconds before its ready to take another shot, and take note, the flash fires all the time regardless of shooting conditions.

The Second indicator located in the film cover panel is the Film Pack indicator to inform you that the instant film is correctly positioned inside the camera. The Third indicator is the Shot counter, it counts how many shots you have left before reloading the film, it is important to note that for every new instant film pack it has a black film so be eject the blank film by taking a test shot, you don’t want to take a picture of a priceless moment and have the blank film come out.

So keep following my page to get first dibbs about our adventure on the Instax Mini 9.

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by: Miss TEE

Happy Snapping : )


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    • camerrawr says:

      Well instant cameras are really a niche, and the expensive instant film doesn’t help convincing potential buyers but the Instant Camera gives you that nostalgic feeling that no other digital cameda can give, the feeling of capturing a fleeting moment and holding that moment in your hands a moment more

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