The Beach and My Instax

After a busy start to the new year, the visit to the beach was long over due. I was excited to go to the beach, a three our drive from the city.  I had the instax packed and ready to go. It was time for me to test our Instant Camera on the beach.


One of the perks of living in a tropical island is it is almost summer all year long except for the occasional typhoon and the month long monsoon rains. So even it if it’s still January it feels like summer already. I’ve always want to go to the beach whenever I’m stressed out, Why I love the beach  and if I’m feeling adventures I could go chase waterfalls. After a three hour drive away from the city we have reached a small village with white sand and crystal blue seas, and a 30 minute drive away was another village with lush tropical rain forest and an amazing waterfall. Perfect for trying out the instax camera.

I hurriedly grabbed for the Instax and began taking pictures of the magnificent view.

Well you might be wondering why these pictures are from my SLR Camera, well this..


I had completely forgotten about bringing the extra film, I have dishonored myself, my family, my cow… and I scoured the country side for the instant film but they were rare as gold. So I just took pictures of the camera instead. Lesson of the Story? Don’t forget the film.


I couldn’t let the day pass by without doing a photo OP and again, don’t forget the film.


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